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A Great Adoption Story Video

By Josh Redfern, LCSW // Utah Director of Social Work

My wife sent me this great video the other day. It is the story of an adoption. I love it on a lot of different levels. Here’s a couple of things to look for that I thought were especially great:

  • One of the main points is about TIMING. That adoptions come together in their own, often specific, timing.
  • Check out how non-judgmental the family is of the birth mother and her “lifestyle.”
  • See how the couple was very supportive of the birth mother’s rights to make her own choices.
  • The comments on why the family is glad for an open adoption focuses on the needs of the child.
  • The birth mother’s description of placement being hard is something we should always remember and appreciate.
  • The empathy and love the couple share regarding the difficulty of placement is wonderful.

Chapel’s Adoption Story | the feature from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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