Adoption Costs

It is difficult to estimate the cost of adoption because no two adoptions are the same. Prospective adoptive parents should anticipate paying fees to cover the following:

Adoption Costs 1

Application Fee, like most private adoption agencies, charges an application fee to start the adoption process.  This covers the initial expenses of the Agency, including staff, technology, and other supplies and resources.  These allow for effective communication between and those whom it serves.

Home Study Fee

In order to adopt, parents must have a home study that will satisfy the requirements of the state where the adoption is finalized.  Before an agency will consider placing a child with a family, it must first have a home study.  The home study fee covers the Agency cost to conduct the study.


Parents seeking to place a child for adoption are generally interested in knowing about the family who will adopt the child.  For this reason, families seeking to have a child placed with them are most likely to have success if they can share information about themselves with many people.  Today, much of this is done via the internet, although more traditional methods are still used. can assist families to market themselves to maximize their exposure and increase the likelihood of adoptive placement.

Program Fees

An adoption agency incurs significant expense in doing business.  There are expenses for personnel, equipment, office space, and satisfying state licensing requirements.  The Agency’s program fee covers these expenses.

Birth Parent Medical

Although insurance and governmental programs cover many medical expenses, sometimes such aid is not available or coverage is insufficient to cover all medical expenses.  Prospective adoptive parents should be prepared to pay all or a portion of a birth parent’s medical expenses.

Birth Parent Living

Many birth parents need financial assistance to pay for needs during and after pregnancy.  They need food, clothing, and shelter not only for themselves but to protect the children they are carrying.  A healthy child requires such assistance.  Adoptive parents should anticipate paying some living expenses.  Often such payments are limited or regulated by law.

Post-placement Supervision Fee

An Agency is required to supervise an adoptive placement until the adoption is finalized by a court. charges a fee to cover the costs of this supervision. An worker can assist you in making an estimate of what these costs will be.

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