Affording Adoption

A common concern of hopeful adoptive parents is how to afford an adoption.  Given what can be significant costs to adopt a child, adoptive parents should make a plan to cover those costs.  With planning, what may seem an insurmountable challenge becomes possible.  A plan to afford adoption may include the following:

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The adoption process rarely happens overnight.  Often, families will wait months or even years before an adoption opportunity presents itself.  Families hoping for and anticipating an adoption should plan financially, possibly even saving money each month to cover the costs.

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

The Federal government provides for a tax credit of up to $13,190 (2014 amount) per child to cover adoption expenses.  This credit is not refundable, so parents need to have tax liability to take advantage of the credit, but many adoptions have been financed all or in part through this credit.

State Tax Credits

Many states have tax credits or other incentives for adoption.  A conversation with a tax professional may reveal tools to help finance an adoption.

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It has been common for years to have friends and close family members provide financial support for a family’s adoption.  Today, this has become easier through tools that permit an online fundraising campaign.  This not only makes donating easier but also allows adoptive parents to seek contributions from a wider range of family and friends. staff can direct families to strong resources, including the fundraising tool at


Many financial institutions offer loans specifically designed to cover adoption expenses. can assist clients to identify a financial institution that can provide financial support for qualifying couples.

Alternative Placement Resources

There are thousands of children in the United States eligible for adoption.  Many are in state custody or have special needs.  Often, the state will pay the cost of adoption and may even provide a subsidy to assist adoptive parents as they raise a child.  An worker can assist families in identifying alternative placement resources that do not involve a substantial upfront financial commitment.

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