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Brendan & Marcie

Dear Birth Parent(s), thank you for taking a peek into our lives. We really hope you like what you see and are ready to learn more. We are anxious for the opportunity of an open adoption. Gemma is so excited to be a big sister and we also hope to get to know you too! We won’t pretend we know what you’re going through right now, but we hope to take some pressure off and show you what a wonderful and loving family life we can provide. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

We are so hopeful and excited to complete our happy family with one more to love. We can’t even pretend to know what you are going through, but we would like to be there to support you through the next step of your journey. Absolutely no judging here. We are just thankful to have the opportunity to let you get to know us. We are a fun-loving couple living in San Diego, originally from the East Coast, with our 3 1/2 year old (bio) daughter and our 2 labs. We love living in San Diego and also like to travel. We have family close by in Southern California that we see often and also family back East, in Trinidad and Costa Rica, so we all meet (at least) annually. We are also happy to include visits to another location :). We’d love to tell you more and get to know you too.

We are excited for the prospect of open adoption. We both feel there should be no secrets and no mystery about the parent(s) that gave life to our child. We feel no judgement, only gratitude, for the person(s) that selflessly bring a life into the world knowing the timing or situation isn’t right. We all know there are alternatives, so to choose to find the right family is admirable. We want to know you and have you in our lives, how much or how little depends on you. We are really open…from letters/emails to joining us for family night, whatever works for all of us. In the end, we want our child to know how loved he or she was from the beginning.


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