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Craig & Cali

Dear Friend,

We struggle to write this letter. We cannot imagine all the thoughts and feelings going through your mind or the weight you have on your shoulders right now struggling to make this precious decision.

We pray our connection to you will be instant and the decision to give your child to our family will be seamless. Know that the child will be so very loved and cared for as he/she grows and develops.

We met while attending Idaho State University in 1999. We were married in March of 2000. After 16 years of marriage we have been unable to have kids naturally.

We are established in our lives as a couple and are ready to adopt. There is nothing we want more than raise a child and offer them all the love we have.

Our family currently consists of a wife, husband, four felines, a canine and a young couple who rent our basement apartment. Maggie, our four year old black lab loves to play fetch and has a lot of energy. She is well-behaved and gentle. This might seem like a ridiculous amount of animals…but we love them all. June Bug, Ray and Nickerdoodle were our previous renter’s kittens. He passed away unexpectedly last summer. He lived with us for almost five years and we considered him family. So, we could not part with his cats, we opened our own home to them. We have so much love to share, and we want to share it with a sweet baby.

We have a large extended family. Craig has a sister and brother and loving parents. Craig’s sister is also adopted. We know how adoption can enhance a family’s life. He also has two nieces and a nephew who absolutely love him. Cali has a Dad, Mom, Step-Dad, three brothers and one sister along with thirteen nephews and nieces whom she loves dearly.

We are LDS and feel it is important to us to teach our child of our faith, but we also desire to instill in our child to be curious about life and to be comfortable with who they are, celebrating their uniqueness and the things that make them different.

Both of us have degrees from Idaho State University. Cali has worked at a University for thirteen years. Craig works at a Title Company. He has worked in this industry for 21 years. We enjoy a steady, reliable income and are financially stable.

Cali likes to exercise, spend time with animals, play piano, take naps and spend time outside. She has completed 38 half marathons. She is kind and funny, with a great ability to laugh. Cali is strong and compassionate and looks for good in everyone, even those that other people have abandoned.

Craig likes to hunt, play golf, spend time volunteering in the community, running, ride four wheelers, is an avid NASCAR fan and loves camping. He also enjoys umpiring youth baseball abd has umpired over 3,500 games during the last 25 years.

If you would like more information, please contact us. We are much more into the human aspect of this process. Putting your life in writing is not easy to do.

Love Sincerely,

Craig and Cali

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