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Haydn & Katelyn


Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We want to be parents so much, but realize that becoming parents comes with a huge sacrifice from someone else. We have so much compassion for your situation. With hearts full of love we are ready to give you all the support and encouragement you may need through this experience!

We met during a blissful summer working at a resort. Katelyn played the piano for a dinner theater and Haydn worked at the boat dock. There was an immediate connection the moment we saw each other and we were pretty much inseparable after that. We were married almost a year from the day we met. We have always done our best to support each other in whatever pursuits we have embarked on. Haydn always wanted a career in which he could provide a good living for his family, work outside, and have plenty of family time. His goals led us to Logan, UT for a time so he could attend Utah State University. He now has a B.S. in Natural Resources and currently works for the Natural Resource Conservation Service. He loves his job. Katelyn is passionate about people and has also obtained higher education at the College of Southern Idaho and obtained an A.S. in Sociology. Katelyn currently works as a Customer Service Representative and Photographer. She is passionate about living life to its fullest! We love to be involved with the community and extracurricular activities. The things we value most however, are friends, family, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will always be our top priority in life.


Is ALWAYS the first one up on Christmas -is a Lord of the Rings nerd -is crazy about all things Autumn -is a list writer -loves old treasures -is in her zen doing art -needs chocolate often -is a bargain shopper extraordinaire -jams out to music in the car -relishes long walks -enjoys a good thunderstorm -loves children stories -loves to cuddle


Cooks the BEST spaghetti and meatballs -has a green thumb -loves animals, especially dogs -is the King of Scrabble -is a fantasy book worm -is a shed hunting fanatic -softball enthusiast, position center field – loves springtime -puts peanut butter on everything -loves doing jigsaw puzzles in winter -loves kissing Katelyn -outdoor adventurist

Katelyn is full of love and desires to be a mother. Through her example our children would learn to reach out to others, give service, be generous, have self-confidence, and be excited about the little things. She would encourage our children to be creative and find out what their talents are. She enjoys singing songs around the piano, painting our kitchen table different colors, and photography. She loves to read and has already collected a large stack of children’s stories that she can’t wait to use. She likes to be outside and play Frisbee and draw with side walk chalk. She is always up for playing board games like Settlers of Catan and Monopoly. Katelyn is smart, funny, and beautiful. She is the love of my life and I am so lucky to have her.

Haydn’s greatest dream is to be a father. I know he will be the dad who plays outside with his children and teaches them to work hard and be self-reliant. He will teach them how to play softball and ride dirt bikes. He will help them cultivate a love and respect of nature, animals, family, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He would teach our children how important it is to get an education and would help guide them in the process. He will show them that you can be happy in any situation. He is so funny and is always making me laugh! I frequently find love letters around the house and wake up to breakfast already made. He is always striving to improve himself and serve others. Plus he is soooo handsome!

We can hardly wait to turn the page on this next chapter of our lives by becoming parents! We have known we wanted to adopt from the time we were dating. We look forward with anticipation for our dream to become a reality! Our immediate and HUGE extended families are ECSTATIC at the prospect of welcoming a little bundle of joy into our family. The child that is placed in our lives will know their adoption story.

We will make adoption a positive part of their self-image. We will be open on a level that is comfortable for you. It is our sincere prayer that you will have peace in this journey.

Much Love,

Haydn and Katelyn

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