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Dear expectant parents,

We are so thrilled that you would consider in sharing this adoption journey together. We hope that in doing so, you will know the tremendous love and admiration we have towards you. Adoption is very close and dear to both of our hearts.

About Jed:

I am the oldest of three children and we were all adopted into a loving family. We were raised on a fruit farm in northern Utah and when I turned 17, our family moved to a dairy farm in southern Idaho. My dad, Duane, taught us the value of an honest day’s work. Through his example, he taught us to love the outdoors, enjoy gardening, and working on the farm. He always loved having family near him and had a way of making everyone feel special. My mom, Sylvia, has always taught us to love God through her example of kindness and service towards others. She is the second oldest of nine children and we have always been very close to all of our relatives. My mom regularly organizes family reunions and gatherings. She loves canning, cooking, sewing, studying family history, and visiting her children, grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

I love to play in the outdoors especially hiking, fishing, hunting, cycling, running, and participating in triathlons. I recently completed a 206-mile one day bike ride from Seattle to Portland with some of my friends. I was grateful for this challenging adventure and look forward to many more opportunities such as this one! I enjoy working around our yard and completing small home improvements. I also get personal satisfaction out of creating various woodworking projects. While serving a 2-year mission for my church in Chile, I became very fluent in Spanish and use it often while working or traveling. I am spiritually motivated and dedicate considerable time towards church service and participation. Over the years, I have been involved with the scouting program and have also been a youth Sunday School teacher. I grew up on a small farm in Idaho and understand the value of hard work. Through the past 11 years, I have been able to build two dental practices within our hometown area. I am very motivated and goal-oriented when it comes to providing for my family, but I never forget that they come first in my life. I have raised four children (from a previous marriage) and am looking forward to experiencing more of the joy that comes with fatherhood.

About Tyree:

I am the oldest of five children; two sisters and two brothers. I was adopted when I was three months old and love being a part of a wonderful family! My dad, Charles, was a very hard worker and provided well for our family. He loved the outdoors! We would go on family hikes together, camping trips, playing tennis at the nearby park, and taking long Sunday bike rides altogether around our neighborhood. Family and church were the most important focuses for my dad. He was always willing to serve those in need and taught us the value of kindness and charity. My mom, Sharon, is the life of the party and loves everyone she meets! She is caring, kind, and has the gentlest soul. She enjoys coordinating family gatherings, cooking for everyone, crafts, the outdoors, studying family history, and snuggling up to a good book. Like my dad, she too loves God, family, and always finds a way to balance everything that life has to offer.

I am a very outgoing person who loves meeting new people! I am the happiest when I am around family and good friends where we can share stories and laugh with one another. I too, enjoy the outdoors and some of my favorite activities are running, cycling, hiking, playing at the beach, traveling, and long walks on a sunny day. I have loved playing tennis most of my life and was on a competitive team for many years when I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. I also traveled to Europe in 2006 and spent one month backpacking across 8 different countries! This experience was one of the most liberating things I have ever done! I am involved with the young women in our church and enjoy planning parties and get-togethers with friends as well. I have a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Education and taught for 13 years in Las Vegas. I currently enjoy teaching fourth graders at a local elementary school and they are such a delight! I love farmer’s markets, dark chocolate, romantic comedies, and a good book. Relationships and friendships are very dear to me and I am excited about our journey in starting our family!

Jed was adopted when he was one year-old and has two younger sisters who are also adopted. He has always felt loved by his parents and has recently reached out to his birth mother through emails. Tyree was adopted when she was three months old and her parents continued their love of family with four additional children. She too, has always felt constant and unconditional love from her parents. We both feel equally blessed to have been placed into families full of love and kindness! We have many close friends who are adopted as well as couples that have adopted children into their forever families. They all have had unique experiences from which we will draw and embrace as we continue on this pathway together. We would love to have an adoption where there will be shown constant love for that child from both family members and close friends. We embrace the opportunities of relationships between both your family and ours and hope to provide a wonderful and welcoming home. We hope that through sharing our lives with you, you will feel our love and excitement of this journey towards adoption. We would thoroughly enjoy meeting you and begin in sharing our lives together!

Love, Jed and Tyree

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