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Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us! While we can’t imagine what you are currently facing, we wish you the best as you work to make the challenging decisions that lie ahead of you. We believe that placing a child for adoption is a loving and selfless act, and we have the utmost respect for anyone who makes this decision. We hope you find peace and comfort along your way as you strive to find what is best for you and your child.

Rebecca and I met at BYU. In our congregation, my roommate and I were assigned to home teach her and her roommates. (Home teaching is a program in the LDS church to make sure everyone is supported and cared for). It’s a little awkward to try dating people you home teach, but after about a year of becoming good friends, I decided I would risk asking her out. Apparently, it was worth the risk. She was usually shy and reserved, but on that first date, she was almost giddy. We dated for several more months and then I proposed at Thanksgiving time after taking her on a surprise horse-back ride. I’m not a huge animal lover, but I knew she couldn’t refuse me if horses were involved, especially since practically every note she ever wrote me was signed “ – <3 – Rebecca…Horses are Awesome!” So…we got married on Cinco de Mayo, 2007 – complete with a wedding cake piñata. (Don’t worry, we had a real wedding cake too.)
We soon graduated from BYU and moved to Clearfield, UT where I had found an entry-level engineering position. I worked there at Northrop Grumman for a year but wasn’t too excited about it. I then got hired at Orbital ATK (another aerospace engineering company) and I’ve been there ever since. I really enjoy the work I do and am glad that the company has been growing a lot lately.For Mormons especially, you would think after 10 years of marriage we’d have at least 4 or 5 kids by now! Right? We wanted about four children total, but so far we’ve only eked out one. Austin is now 6, and we feel so blessed to have him in our family. He’s super silly, super energetic, and super cute. We don’t want him to be an only child, though. His grandparents and great-grandparents spoil him too much – we need someone else to spread it out. In truth, our difficulties in having more biological children have been extremely frustrating to us. Over time, we have felt increasingly discouraged and drained by the lack of results achieved through various tests, treatments, and other efforts. Since we haven’t been successful in “multiplying and replenishing the earth” on our own yet, we feel that adoption is God’s plan for us right now. Hey! Maybe you are part of God’s plan for us too ! That would be awesome! Even more awesome than horses!As we have turned to adoption, we have learned a lot about open adoptions and how positive such relationships can be for everyone involved. Therefore, we would ideally prefer to have an open adoption as we believe this is ultimately the healthiest adoption situation. We are pretty good at keeping in contact with people and would be happy to send updates to a birth family. We are also happy to be flexible as to the level of openness for an adoption based on what will work best for your and our situations.

His Perspective:

I am laid-back, humorous, and intelligent. I am fairly introverted and haven’t always been very successful socially. (Except marrying Rebecca. That was pretty dang successful of me.) I work hard towards succeeding in my career and providing for my family, but I also love taking time off from work to do fun things with them. My main spiritual and family goal is to maintain a loving relationship with my wife and children and a close relationship with God.
Rebecca is creative, ambitious, diligent, and super hard-working. She loves art and animals and is very good at staying organized and maintaining a routine. Rebecca is very thoughtful and puts a lot of effort into researching issues that affect our family like education and politics. I really admire that she always does what she thinks is right, even if it is unpopular, or hard, or makes her uncomfortable. She is a super caring person, too. She is always coming up with ways she can use her hobbies to make her friends and family happy – like making wooden toy cars for Austin, painting small landscapes for her friends when they got married, or coming up with fancy new paper craft designs just for a family member’s special occasion. In our marriage, she has always been selfless and has put my happiness ahead of her own.
Austin is an energetic, silly boy. I love coming home from work and hearing the same thing from him every day – “Dad! I want to play with you!”. Sometimes we just dance around making silly noises. Sometimes we drive cars and trains around on his tracks. Sometimes we wrestle, or watch something fun on my phone. He’s frequently excited to help out with the dinner dishes, and is getting better at helping out with other chores around the house and yard.

 Her Perspective:
I love to create and design. I graduated from BYU with a BA in Illustration and currently run a small home business designing and selling pop-up cards, favor boxes, and other paper items. Additionally, I love to draw, paint, and create wood crafts and toys. I am extremely grateful that I can work on my talents and interests while also being able to stay home with Austin during the day. Spending time helping Austin learn and discover new things is very rewarding for me. I have always been a sort of tomboy, and I am avid about being active and having fun outdoors. I love literature, history, art, and animals. One day I plan to have a horse, which is why we are living on a horse property.
Nate is extremely smart and a fast learner, so it is no surprise that he received nearly all A’s throughout his time in school. He has a good sense of humor, which often helps lighten the atmosphere of otherwise tense situations. Generally he is a casual guy who enjoys making jokes and playfully teasing. I love how he often brightens my day with his fun personality and thoughtful attentions. He greets me with a loving hug and kiss every day when he returns home from work. He is kind, considerate, and good at noticing ways to help others. Nate is also a great father; I love watching him interact with Austin and other kids! Just watching him tease, play, and have fun with kids is a blast! He is friendly and witty but also reserved. Nate has always been good at working to support me in my interests, even when they are not his own. For example, he has been very accommodating in my desires to have pets, even though he is not particularly enthusiastic about animals himself. Our relationship over the years has just grown stronger as we have learned how to work and communicate with each other even better.
Austin is a happy six year old boy whose favorite things to do are playing with toys and being silly. He learned his letters on his own before he really even could talk well, and now he is reading quite well for a child his age. He loves all sorts of vehicles and is quick to name various types of trucks and other vehicles for us when we pass by them. He is easily intimidated by new things and activities, but he has been making a lot of progress during the past year on overcoming fears like going down a slide or swimming with the help of floaties.
We hope to here from you soon!
Nathan and Rebecca



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