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Scott & Kerry

We are Scott and Kerry.
We are so excited to be on our journey of adoption and thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.
We meet working together at a diesel mechanic shop in Boise. We worked together for about 5 years before we started dating. Scott worked the night shift so we didn’t see each other too much. He eventually changed shifts to days so we where able to start talking and getting to know each other and eventually started taking breaks together. It didn’t take us long to start dating. We both knew right away that we were meant to be! We got married within a year, (shocking our parents with quick wedding plans!). We got married in beautiful downtown Boise in 2010. Having our close friends and family there supporting us was amazing.

We always talked about adoption from the very beginning. Scott was adopted by his father when he was 3, and his best friend was adopted as a baby by his family. We always have had great feelings towards adoption and know what a great gift it is! We have been unable to have our own children due to infertility, but this journey of adoption has always been our calling from our hearts! We have so much love to share! We have always believed our family would grow through adoption.

About Scott:

I currently work as a Diesel Mechanic. I really enjoy it but have gone back to school for Mechanical Engineering. I like to stay busy and look forward to teaching our child all the many skills I have with handywork and automotive. I hope to get my degree and start a job in the next 5 years. Supporting my family is really important to me. I’m really looking forward to have Kerry stay at home with our child, and not use daycare. On the weekends, I really enjoy fly-fishing, river sports, hiking, and camping. Anything outdoors is fun. I also enjoy projects around the house or helping friends with repairing their vehicles. I like to stay busy and looking forward to teaching our child all the many skills I have with handywork and automotive.

About Kerry:

I like to do pretty much anything outdoors, which includes camping, canoeing, biking, gardening, horseback riding, and hiking with Scott and the dogs. We try to spend as much time as we can camping in the summer. In the winter I like to spend time cross-country skiing or shoeing and can’t wait to have a little one to go with us! I really enjoy cooking and eating healthy so I spend time with my garden and making sure I get it all canned in the fall. Going to the farmers market every Saturday is so much fun! I love to get fresh produce that I don’t grow. I love trying new recipes! I’m currently working as a property manager for 2 rental properties, and another part-time job as a material handler in a Distribution Center. My intention is to cut back to the property manager job so I can stay home.

We live in a medium-sized town in southeastern Idaho. We used to live in Boise and moved here about 3 years ago for Scotts job. We really enjoy it here. It’s big enough to have all the amenities we need, but without the traffic of a big city. In the summer we end up riding our bikes all over town. The river has live music during the week and restaurants along the greenbelt with nice patios. We love to spend time together just hanging out. We are definitely an active family! We have outdoor activities within 30 minutes that we spend most weekends enjoying. We have family here in town and Scotts family is in the Boise area that we can travel easily to visit. We really enjoy camping with both sides of the family every summer, and they all can’t wait for us to bring the greatest addition to our family along!!!

Thanks again for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you briefly. We are very excited to meet with you and further the conversation.

Wishing you well, with love, Scott and Kerry



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