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Birth Parent Rights & Responsibilities

Birth Parent Rights

I have the RIGHT to:

  • Be treated with respect, dignity, care, and individualism at all times by all agency representatives.
  • Be free from illegal or improper discrimination.
  • Choose whether or not to place my child for adoption.
  • Have all questions or concerns addressed in a timely, respectful manner.
  • Develop a unique, individual adoption plan.
  • Select an adoptive family to parent my child, and to be satisfied that the family I select is suitable for adoption.
  • Be heard on whether an adoption will be open or closed and the level of openness desired.
  • Have clear understanding regarding the relinquishment process.
  • Receive information about financial support available through the agency from prospective adoptive parents, as well as through local community resources.  
  • Have no undue pressure, duress, undue influence, misrepresentation, or deception regarding the decision of adoption.
  • Receive independent, legal counsel.
  • Receive medical care for the pregnancy.
  • Receive counseling regarding the adoption decision.
  • Be assured of privacy of information and privacy for both current and closed records.
  • Be able to express a grievance or complaint.
  • Communicate by telephone or in writing with family, attorney, physician, clergyman, and case worker, except when this is considered contraindicated by the licensed clinical professional.
  • Send and receive mail so long as security, general health, and safety requirements are met.
  • Receive referrals to appropriate community resources, including but not limited to housing, counseling, Medicaid, and other medical resources, even if I decide to parent my child and to not complete the adoption plan.
  • Not be required to reimburse the agency or the adoptive family for any living expenses or costs of prenatal care I incurred while receiving agency services from

Birth Parent Rights 2


  • Be forthcoming and honest in all communication with the staff at
  • Be forthcoming and honest with the prospective adoptive family.
  • Comply with all the rules of the program at
  • Comply with the agreements as to openness.
  • Take responsibility for all medical costs related to my pregnancy, including prenatal care, labor, delivery and all hospital, physician, lab and other medical services received if I choose to parent my child.