Life in Strides: Utah Adoption Agency Moves to American Fork


utah adoption agency Opens New Utah Location

Our Big News

We have long awaited this moment to share with you our exciting news— has officially moved its Utah home quarters to American Fork! We are excited to reopen our adoption agency in Utah and to get to know our new neighbors and the fabulous people we will be servicing in this area. will continue to provide adoption services not only in Utah and Idaho but across the country. If you are considering adoption and would like to know where to start, please feel free to reach out to us. We strongly believe that if adoption is the best option for you, we can help.

Now, in addition to us announcing our agency’s new move, we thought we would take this moment to introduce ourselves to anyone who is a new member to our community.

Premier Adoption Agency in Utah

1. Our Clients Come First

Each person that chooses to work with our agency in Utah is subject to not only our best adoption services but our loyalty and dedication.  This is why puts so much into communicating, training, and doing all that we can to promote the best adoption experiences possible. Whether you are a birth parent, a child, or an adoptive family we strive to use best practices in the delivery of social services, marketing, use of technology and customer service.  This is our promise to you.

2. When it Comes to Ethics, We Don’t Settle

In a world where ethics often sit on a blurred line, is dedicated to ascertaining, developing, and following ethical standards in all its adoption practices. We will never bypass an ethical option to better suit the needs of our agency if it is not first beneficial to our clients. We also do not seek to hide information about our operations. In fact, our goal is to keep a good name in the public’s eye and we hope that is made evident in all our efforts. In our mind, ethics in adoption takes priority– and you will never see us practice otherwise.

3. We Believe in Life

We have said it before and will say it again: Adoption truly represents life; the life of the adoptee, the lives of the expectant mom and birth family, and the lives of the adoptive parents. We do not take this work lightly because we know that when all is said and done we are affecting the lives of many generations to come. Choosing adoption is choosing life! We seek to emulate that in all that we do, and hope that as you work and associate with us you catch that vision, too.

* * *

Now that you know a little about what we stand for, help us get to know you! Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or are considering adoption as a way to grow your family, send us a message and tell us your story. We would love to help you in any way we can as you pursue your adoption journey.

Here’s to spreading life to one more corner of the world! American Fork, we are coming your way.

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