(Video) Birth Moms: What Do You Wish You Had Known Before You Placed Your Child?


We’ve all had experiences in life that we wish we could return to with the 20/20 perspective provided by hindsight. These birth moms talk about the things they wished they’d known before placing their babies for adoption. If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, hopefully their advice will help you as well.

Some of our favorite tidbits from this video include:

Myra talking about allowing yourself to celebrate the miracle that you’ve become a part of: you’re bringing another little human being into this world and that is something to rejoice in.

Haley explaining that the loss of placement needs to be experienced and processed, emphasizing that birth moms need to give themselves the time and space they need to grieve.

Tamra looking back and seeing all of the good things that adoption has brought into her life. If she could go back, she says, she would tell herself, “Fear not. Fear not, honey. It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be better than okay.'”

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