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Core Principles 1

Social Contribution will improve the world by promoting the best interests of children in need through their placement in stable, loving and permanent homes.

Client First will provide exceptional services to its clients, including children, biological parents and adoptive parents, by utilizing best practices in the delivery of social services, marketing, use of technology and customer service.  It will provide a valuable service to its clients.

Value Driven will be directed by its values, namely the best interests of children and stability, safety, love and permanence in homes.  Education, faith, and self-determination will be respected and encouraged.

Ethical will ascertain, develop and follow ethical standards, with the aim that its operations will be transparent and that public review of its activities will be viewed positively.

Global will provide services to children in need and parents throughout the world.

Technology will utilize technology in support of its work, including use of mobile devices, social networking, search engine optimization and video.  It will rely on existing technologies but also innovate with technology towards accomplishing its goals.

A+ Personnel will conduct its operations through personnel who are qualified to complete their responsibilities, passionate about adoption, and willing to innovate.


Counseling, outreach, and educational activities, focuses on Storytelling.  Storytelling creates context, teaches profound lessons and provides hope and inspiration to the listener throughout their personal and unique adoption journey.