How to Prepare for an Urgent Adoption Situation

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How to Prepare for an Urgent Adoption Situation

By Shelley Skuster // Guest Writer

Urgent adoption situations – where an adoptive family is chosen for placement of a child close to or shortly after birth – do happen.
In fact, it’s happened to our family twice!

Both of our daughters’ adoptions were prefaced with a last-minute scramble of sorts.

While it can be an exciting whirlwind, it can also leave you a bit frazzled.

Here are five insider tips on how to prepare for urgent adoption situations:

1. Stock your freezer
When you decide to take the plunge to adopt, start making freezer meals. You never know when that phone call for a placement is going to come, and the last thing you’ll want to do when you arrive home with your new child is cook a meal.

2. Ask a friend to organize a meal train
Do you have someone to organize a meal train for you when you arrive home with your child(ren)?
Compile a list of email addresses for friends and family, and ask a trusted friend or family member to organize a meal train online (check out; it’s free and user-friendly).

3. Take inventory of flight/hotel rewards
Are there specific states you’re looking to adopt a child from?
Perhaps a friend or family members has flight or hotel rewards they’d be willing to donate for you. Or maybe you have some saved up somewhere.

Familiarize yourself with your inventory as well as how to use rewards to book discounted hotels, flights, and rental cars.

Hotel and flight rewards can offer a significant cost-savings during ICPC, especially when it comes time to make travel reservations for those last-minute adoption situations.

4. Make a travel checklist
Have an idea what you’d like to take for yourself when you receive the phone call about an urgent adoption situation (i.e. clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc.).

Keep all of your adoption paperwork together and in a safe place, since some adoption agencies may need additional copies.

5. Get your cameras ready
If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly running out of storage on your smartphone.

It’s a good idea to back up your phone and delete old photos now because it’ll drive you crazy when you can’t take pictures of those early moments together as a family!

If you have a digital camera, try getting caught up with prints from your memory card to ensure you have plenty of storage when you get the phone call for an urgent adoption situation.

Shelley Skuster is a former award-winning television journalist turned stay-at-home mom. She’s the writer behind This Family’s Journey, a candid blog about surviving infertility and the privilege of being an adoptive mom. Shelley is a well-known adoption advocate in Iowa who enjoys spending time with family and friends, a strong cup of coffee, and the occasional happy hour. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook!

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