How We’re Creating More Adoption Connections

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How We’re Creating More Adoption Connections

By Josh Redfern, LCSW // Utah Director of Social Work

One of the reasons (among many) that I took my job with Adoption Agencies was that I felt that we were going to be able to really get the families we work with in front of expectant parents at a higher rate than other agencies I have worked with. I think that is one of the things an agency should be good at. We don’t make the decisions for the expectant parents, but we should be able to give them good options, and our potential adoptive parents should be seen by as many expectant parents as possible.

We have a great partnership with that is allowing our agency to be seen by a lot of parents considering placing their chidlren for adoption. More than I had even anticipated. Also, we have a pretty unique program with the Parent Profiles Ultimate Package on that is allowing families to be seen more individually. And although I was excited about this at the beginning; I became even more excited about this once we had one of our first families go through the process. I was A) blown away by the process and materials that were being produced for the families, and B) SHOCKED by the increase in exposure (our first family had been on a lower level package of Parent Profiles previously).

It’s been great to see that the families that we are working with (on both sides) are getting options and making great contacts that eventually turn into great placements.

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