National Adoption Day Panel Discussion a Success

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National Adoption Day Panel Discussion a Success

By Melissa Williams, LCSW // Executive Director

On November 21st, in honor of National Adoption day, we hosted a panel discussion with a representative from each side of the adoption triad.

The panel was amazing. We had a birth mother, an adoptive mother, and an adoptee. Each shared her experience as part of the adoption triad. I think the point that was made so beautifully was that open adoption benefits all parties of the adoption triad. Each woman spoke about being blessed by knowing the other members of the her biological parents, her child’s birth parents, and her biological child.

The birth mother and adoptive mother shared about how they came to the decision of adoption, and that even though it was a challenging decision and time in their lives, they knew it was the right thing.

Our adoptee, Misty, shared her perspective of transracial adoption. This was particularly helpful to the families who are considering transracial adoption, providing insight into how they can address the issue as their adopted child grows.

The audience asked great questions about each person’s experience. It was engaging and emotional.

I am grateful these three women were able to share so openly. Our goal was to help to bring adoption in a positive light for all parties, and to take the “shame” out of it. It really was a wonderful event. Yummy food too!

And we had a drawing for a free home study and the family who won were overcome with joy and emotion and gratitude, as they have been struggling to find ways to fund their adoption so they can grow their family. It was beautiful! Another family won a beautiful piece of art by our design team that they said they plan to hang in their adopted child’s bedroom.

We had an amazing turnout and the families were able to count these toward the training hours required for adoption. We are planning to do similar trainings monthly in Utah and in Idaho.

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