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By Kaylee Sutherin

The Meaning Behind the Name-  We’ve all heard the trendy phrase “_____ (insert favorite product, activity, and the like here) is life.  Many times in its casual use this saying becomes arbitrary, even trivial. However, who provides adoption services in Idaho has come to love and embrace this slogan as we assigned it to represent the focus of our work, something we find meaningful and often very deep. In fact, we feel so strongly about the purpose behind the message that we named our agency after it.

What, then, is that phrase?

“Adoption is Life.

In all that we do in our day-to-day activities at our agency, we are constantly reminded of how much adoption truly represents life in all aspects of the adoption triad—the family, the birth parents, and the adoptee. Allow me to expound.


Life for Families

Adoption Services in Idaho

For many families, adoption is the means of adding a sweet new life into their family unit. Many times they find themselves turning to adoption after long periods of infertility. Other families simply feel a call to adopt as a means of expanding their family. Whatever their reasons, adoption serves as a beautiful way to add to their story—their life. It is not a one-time fix-all event, either. Adoption truly becomes a lifelong journey for the family and all those who involve themselves in the process. This at the core of and why we choose to provide adoption services in Idaho.


Life for Birth Parents

 For the mother facing an unexpected pregnancy, adoption is the option she utilizes to provide a full and loving life to her child and to allow them to have the opportunities they need and deserve. Our true purpose is to assist birth parents in their adoption journey by providing high-quality adoption services in Idaho.  We have so much respect for our birth mothers for this reason; they exhibit so much strength and courage as they selflessly decide to choose a better life for their child through placement. Among the few choices they may have available to make in their difficult circumstance, they make the choice of life and love.make the choice of life and love.


Life for Adoptees

Finally, and probably much more apparent is the role this plays in the adoptee’s life. Truly, life is beginning for them in that first act of adoption. They will be forever affected by the choice their biological parents made to place, and for the decision, their family made to seek out adoption to expand their family and embrace the adoptee’s life. While not necessarily the only or most significant chapter of their lives, adoption becomes a part of their life story.

What is more beautiful than life?

Adoption is such an incredible option for many individuals in their varying personal circumstances. Hence, in our pursuit to embrace the work our agency gets to be a part of, we wanted our name to reflect how powerful and truly life-giving adoption can be. At, we do not take this work lightly. In fact, we are humbled each day at the miracles that take place in each step of the adoption process.

Our professionals are dedicated to promoting the fullness of life that is so evident in this work; whether it be providing adoptive families or birth parents with adoption information, facilitating the adoption, or coordinating with other adoption professionals and associates. We adore the hopeful adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees we get to work with and are so excited to represent the beauty found in adoption. After all, what is more beautiful than life?


We Can Help 
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