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Most Asked Questions from Parents Considering Adoption for Their Child

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Adoption is a loving and thoughtful choice where biological parents choose a qualified, loving, stable, and permanent adoptive family for their child. Through the adoption process, a person or couple legally become the parents of a child who is biologically related to someone else.

Parents usually choose adoption because they care about their child and his or her well-being. They recognize that adoptive parents may be in a better position to raise the child. Oftentimes they look for a loving, stable, permanent home for their child.

Parents have a fundamental right to parent their children. A parent should not be forced to place a child for adoption. At, we specialize in pregnancy options counseling. Reach out to one of our professionals for one-on-one options support today!

Yes. It is generally best for a child to be placed for adoption with a family selected by the parents. places children with families selected by the parents. In fact, we have hundreds of qualified families for you to choose from and make connections with. View families hoping to adopt.

In an open adoption, the birth parents communicate with the adoptive parents regarding the child and his or her development. In many open adoptions, the biological parents continue to have contact with the child and his or her adoptive family. Learn if open adoption is right for you.

In many adoptions, birth parents communicate with adoptive parents and see the child regularly. Birth parents wanting ongoing contact should pursue an open adoption. Learn more about open adoption.

Adoptive parents are individuals and couples who have expressed a desire to adopt and whose lives and homes have been studied by a licensed professional in their state to make sure that they will be suitable parents. The study includes criminal background checks, references, and a professional review of their home. Once adoptive parents have been certified to adopt, they can be presented to parents for consideration. provides the following services for parents, based on needs:
– Options Counseling // Talk through the pregnancy options available to you.
– Adoption Professional // Loving professionals to guide you through the process.
– Financial Support // Ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy.
– Resources and Support // Connecting you with important resources to meet your immediate and long-term needs and goals.
– Connecting with Other Birth Parents
– Finding the right family.
– Personalized adoption plan. // This is YOUR baby. YOUR choice. YOUR personal adoption story.Learn more about the the top 11 services that an adoption agency should provide for you.

Options depend on the parents and what they are willing to consider and pursue. As a general matter, parents may choose, (1) to parent their child, (2) to place the child for adoption, or (3) to terminate the pregnancy through abortion. can assist the parents in determining what option is best for them. Contact an professional.

A child’s father has the opportunity to assert and establish parental rights. Ideally, for a mother considering adoption, the father participates in the process and both mother and father agree on an option for the child. However, not all situations are ideal. has the expertise to address all situations and to assist parents through the process of determining what they should do.

People may think all sorts of things. Most people, however, recognize that through adoption, a parent makes a choice to do what is best for their child. Sometimes, this involves putting the interests of the child ahead of their own interests. Most people recognize that adoption is a choice based on love for the child.

Relinquishment is the legal process involving paperwork by which a parent gives up their legal rights to a child, consents to the adoption of the child by another individual or couple, and places the child with the adoptive parents. It’s important that the parent do so voluntarily and is not forced or compelled to place for adoption. takes care to assure that a relinquishment is done ethically and with care.