Turning off the Light

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Turning off the Light

Turning off the Light

Placing my baby up for adoption

By: Shannell Stewart // Birth Mom


 I shannell Stewart, hereby voluntarily and irrevocably relinquish, permanently and completely, all of my parental rights and interests in the guardianship, custody, care and control of the female child born to me on  October 5, 2017 at 4:40pm.”

This is the part of the story that hurts my heart to tell.

There is no easy or quick way to explain that experience in the hospital. Twenty four hours to the minute after bringing my sweet baby girl into the world, I was going to do the physical act of placing her with her  adoptive parents. This part is the one you cannot prepare for, or know what to expect, and even though people say that, I thought I knew what to expect from myself. Let me tell you, my reaction even shocked me.

After giving birth at 4:40 p.m., I just wanted to be alone so I asked everyone to leave for a while so I could sleep. I still hadn’t really tuned in to everything. I mean yeah, I just had a baby and I was well aware of that, but I just felt outside myself. I felt almost too calm, too much of a lack of emotion. I hadn’t even cried yet except that short moment when my doctor embraced me.

So, as the night went on, even though I wanted to be alone, I had no plans of thinking. At all! I continued to block out the reality of what I was about to do. I avoided thinking about any of the joys that motherhood brings. I forced myself to ignore the natural desires to hold and snuggle her. As horrible as it sounds, I don’t think I even let myself feel the amount of love I had for her. I knew I needed to gain more confidence in my tough outer shell before holding her. I almost wanted to be sedated until I could sign at 24 hours. I never once questioned if I would go through with it, but it was a way to self medicate. It was me choosing to minimize the agony between now and the point of what was resolve for me.

Chelsey and Christian (the adoptive parents) had a room down the hall where they had taken Juniper, which was how I wanted it. I knew I would not be changing my mind, so why not let them have every second with her. I just put myself in the frame of mind that she was their baby, she should be with them.

Now I just had to wait.
Wait to sign my name on the line.
Wait to feel the unpredictable whatevers.

I longed for the moment I could just breathe knowing it was over.
I fell asleep intentionally numb minded.

I woke up multiple times in the night and just tossed and turned mindlessly hoping 4:40 p.m. would just come before I went crazy. Once morning came, I couldn’t believe how I was in the very center of this whole experience and still hadn’t really pulled a classic “Shannell,” which, if you ask my family, is an emotional wreck over a half bare Christmas tree and how that tree must feel knowing no one wants an asymmetrical Christmas tree. This was a baby being placed up for adoption! How was I not hysterical over a baby!?

I felt my wall built up high and strong around mid morning and when Chelsey asked if I wanted time with her I finally said yes. In my mind I was doing my due diligence. It almost seemed irresponsible not to spend time with her before the relinquishment. I was merely going to appear to have a heart for the sake of the masses. I was more worried that everyone would worry about me if I didn’t, so I pumped my mental/emotional muscles up for some heavy lifting.

The Last Moments Before Adoption

I watched from my hospital bed as Chelsey rolled this tiny little girl into the room wrapped in pink.
The wall came down. Hard.

As she was placed in my arms every ounce of emotion came rushing in. An array of sadness, happiness, contentment, jealousy, confusion. The works! I remained calm but inside lost my composure. She was absolutely beautiful and precious and perfect and I didn’t get to take her home. I had to ramp up the logic. My mind was going into overdrive remembering why I was doing this, why I couldn’t keep her and how my circumstances had not changed from the first day I decided on adoption.

I had about an hour alone to just stare at her and in that time I went through the hills and valleys of it all. I went back to the way my life was when I found out I was pregnant and all the events that brought me to this moment. The being that was just a reminder of my mistakes and a trial I had to overcome was now here in her angelic grace as so much more than that! She was now the precious blessing that gave me the strength to be able to do the right thing for her. She carried the power of angels that gave me the ability to love her so much and yet still hand her to her mom and dad.

After that time with her I got up and I faced the rest of the day.
We gave Juniper her first bath together later in the day and as Chelsey and I stood over her itty bitty body I felt such a bond as mothers of this sweet little girl. I am grateful she shared that experience with me and I am glad I let myself risk the heavy feelings to share that experience with her.

4:00 p.m. was here and it was almost time. My case worker came and we all settled in for the reading of the legalities. My wonderful dad was there to be with me for this very unpredictable challenge. I was holding Juniper when Christian and Chelsey left her in my arms and hugged me before leaving the room. Legally they could not be present for the signing.

This is the part I’m not quite sure how to put into words.
I was sitting at the end of the bed, light streaming in from the window, looking down at white papers covered in black words, all eyes in the room on me. I was hearing every word, every legal definition, restriction and explanation to what I was about to sign but all I really saw or understood was that this was it. I am here. The moment that makes all of this real.

My support system was strong with my dad there, my case worker, my nurse, the witness, my sweet Haven and oddly enough my ex husband’s mother who had become a huge support as she adopted all four of her kids.

It felt like days before I put that pen to paper. It was such a slow motion experience that I know couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes but felt like an eternity.

Signing The Adoption Papers

“I fully understand the legal significance of the Relinquishment of my Parental Rights. I understand that this Relinquishment of Parental Rights and, Consent to Adoption and Consent to Termination of Parental Rights will be effective upon signing this instrument and may not  be revoked and that I cannot change my mind about surrendering my parental rights at any time.”

I read and reread that paragraphIn response to the natural anxiety that would be building, I just said once in my head, “This isn’t about you Shannell. You know this is right for her and that is all you need to know. Now sign the paper.”
And I did.

I just signed it and didn’t look back. I lifted my head from signing and dating to six sets of eyes, six stoic faces ready to cradle me in their arms while I finally broke down. Yet again, nothing. I smiled for the pictures, I laughed at the light hearted jokes and I kissed that perfect girl on the cheek before she went home with her adoptive mom and dad. Then I packed my bag, my gifts, my copy of the relinquishment, and I walked to the edge of the hospital room knowing it was done, and I turned off the light.


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