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But don’t adopted kids have issues?

In this panel discussion between adoptive parents, Amanda mentions this as a question she has heard on more than one occasion. Her response?

Who doesn’t have issues?

Although adoption does bring up its own set of potential problems—identity issues, attachment difficulties, feelings of loss or abandonment—they’re not something prospective adoptive parents should necessarily be scared of. (“Not any more scared than you should be already as a parent,” adds social worker and adoptive dad Josh Redfern.)

Every child comes into this world with a unique body and a unique personality, complete with strengths and weaknesses. Adopting a child or bringing a child into the world “the old-fashioned way” doesn’t preclude children from having problems, both physical and emotional. So instead of being afraid, prepare yourself for dealing with potential problems and move forward with confidence. Just as you would deal a medical issue, educate yourself: What would this problem look like? What do I need to be aware of and watch for? What interventions would be beneficial or necessary?

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