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Why Should I Choose an Agency?

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There are options in how to complete an adoption. Some choose to have an agency represent them. Others work through the adoption with just an attorney. A good adoption agency will be able to provide you with critical adoption services whereas if you complete your adoption through just an attorney you will have to provide these adoption services yourself or pay for them separately. Some of these critical adoption services include:

  • Education about the adoption process, expectations, emotions, communication, scams, matching, and open adoption.
  • Adoptive parent caseworker to walk you through every step of the process from the home study to the placement to post placement support.
  • Expectant/Birth parent caseworker to help with options counseling, emotional and financial support, decision making, grief counseling, preparation for placement, and lifelong support.
  • Support in the matching process which may include help with communication between hopeful adoptive families and expectant parents considering adoption as well as identifying red flags of possible scams or highly difficult placements.
  • Lifelong open adoption planning, mediation, and support.

Having full support from experienced professionals to navigate your adoption story can help create a successful and healthy adoption.