Adoption Life Programs

Adoption Life is a nonprofit adoption agency licensed by the state of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Domestic Infant Adoption

Adoption Life provides full service Domestic Infant Adoption for families wanting to adopt an infant. We are actively working with birth parents who are considering making an adoption plan and have partnered with some industry leaders to provide excellent marketing and recruitment services to help your family find a match. As always, we value the role that all parties, including biological families, adoptive families, and professionals play in this beautiful process.

Waiting Child Adoption

Adoption Life can help you in your efforts to adopt from the United States Foster Care System. There are over 400,000 children in the foster care system on any given day. Many of these children are waiting for their forever homes. As part of the Waiting Child Adoption Program, Adoption Life will provide training and certification to meet state foster parent licensing standards and then assist you in your search for an adoptive placement from any state in the country. We stay involved through post placement and post adoption in order to ensure you have the right support in place for your family.

Designated Adoption

Adoption Life Designated Adoption Program is for families who need a home study and possibly post placement services, but do not plan on using Adoption Life as the placing agency for an adoption. This might be the case if a family is working with an international agency or pursuing an independent adoption. With Adoption Life Designated Program, we can assist you with as much or as little of the process as your unique situation requires.

The Adoption Journey

Adoption can be a complicated process to navigate. Let us help you.

Adoption Life takes pride in offering a quality array of adoption programs to families in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Whatever the path on your adoption journey, Adoption Life will be there to help you through it. Every adoption situation is unique. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have about your adoption journey. Free phone or email consultations are available, as you navigate the sometimes complicated world of adoption.


Choose the professionals you want to work with, and apply. Application generally involves some basic background information and talking with a professional, so we can better understand your specific needs and situation.


Home Study

A home study is required in nearly all adoption situations. It is part preparation and part evaluation to ensure the safety and well being of vulnerable children. Home studies include submitting paperwork and participating in home visits from licensed and agency professionals. The home study process can seem intimidating, but you won’t have to navigate it alone.


Once your home study is complete, you can start your specific adoption program and perhaps the hardest part…waiting. Adoption Life will be with you through each and every step. This is a time you can be preparing for your adoption placement, and connecting to other parents in the same process.


This is an exciting time! Adoption Life will help you consider factors that might impact a placement and move forward with confidence, whether you’re adopting a baby or an older child.


Placement can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! Whether it is meeting your newborn for the first time, or working to develop a transition plan for an older child, Adoption Life will help you feel prepared, so you can focus on the much anticipated event.


Post Placement refers to the space of time after a child is placed with you, and until finalization occurs. During this time, Adoption Life will provide ongoing supervision and support. Depending on your program, the frequency of post placement visits will vary.


This is another much anticipated day! Adoption Life will help you prepare for the legal proceedings and look forward to sharing this special day with your family. Just remember, we’ll always consider your family a part of ours, and look forward to staying in touch through the years!

Ready to Begin?

Start the Application Process

Adoption Life uses a secure online client portal, My Adoption Portal (MAP), for our adoption applications and for gathering the required documents for your adoption. You will begin by submitting your information to create your account. If you have any questions before starting this process please contact us.

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